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Juanita''s Foods
"Nacho Cheese Dip-spenser"

Client: Juanita''s Foods
Product: Juanita''s Foods
Title: Nacho Cheese Dip-spenser
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: 6/27/21

Background: To prevent double dippers from spreading germs in 4th of July parties – the first time in which people were allowed to get together during the pandemic –, Juanita’s Foods created the Nacho Cheese Dip-spenser. Operating similarly to motion-activated hand sanitizer dispensers, it poured the perfect portion of Juanita’s nacho cheese onto each chip. It also included a heating system that would assure cheese warmth and consistency. A few units were made available for the public via a social contest on IG, which was promoted with social content and through partnerships with micro-influencers.

Idea: Juanita’s Foods, a Mexican-American food brand, wanted to position its Nacho Cheese Sauce as the perfect party snack for 4th of July parties in a post-Covid world.

Results: The campaign generated more than 34 million impressions and had 2min58 of free airtime on TV news segments, which led to thousands of people participating – and hundreds of requests from people asking the brand to release the product for sale. The launch video had a 686% completion rate when compared to other social videos in Juanita’s Foods IG account. But the biggest result was in product sales – a 21% increase compared to the previous year.

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