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Womens Work
"The Case Study Project"

Client: Womens Work
Product: The Case Study Project
Title: The Case Study Project
Media: Case Study
Country: New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: Dec 2021

Background: Less than 15% of photography used in advertising around the globe is shot by women. In fact, by some calculations, it could be well below 10%. Women’s Work is a diverse collective of female photographers in New Zealand who have a desire to change this statistic and unconscious bias. Not just in New Zealand either, but for the world.

Idea: Women’s Work recognised that with their modest resources their ability to affect change is limited. But the first step is to raise awareness and drive conversation within the creative industries. And arguably the most influential creatives can be found on awards juries.So they created a case study. To put their message in front of the most influential creative audience in the world, the Cannes Lions jury. A case study about a poster campaign that never ran, but did provide their Creative Director an opportunity to talk directly to camera - and in doing so, communicate their message that female photography is considerably underrepresented in advertising around the globe. It ends with a strong call-to-action asking marketing agencies to consider putting a woman on all their shortlists. This film about a campaign, was the campaign.

Results: Every member of the Cannes Lions spent a full 2 minutes listening to this plea and confronting their own potential bias.As an awareness driving campaign no other results were being measured.

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