"Uber Heetch"

Client: Heetch
Product: Ride-Hailing app
Title: Uber Heetch
Media: Uber Eats
Country: France
Date Of Campaign: 28/03/2021

Background: With cheaper rides, better-paid drivers and 100% of taxes paid in France, Heetch is the fair alternative to Uber in France. Unfortunately, this message is hard to get noticed as Uber is absolutely everywhere. With a very limited budget (15,000 euros) and no media budget, we needed to think about a campaign that will create enough noise to raise awareness around Heetch. A campaign that will convey the brand vision as well as its will to fight against its giant leader.

Idea: How do you challenge a ubiquitous competitor like Uber when you are a French ride-hailing app with no budget? By hijacking their food delivery service, turning it into our own media, and having our competitor delivering straight to their audience all the reasons they should switch to Heetch. We transformed Uber Eats into Uber Heetch. The first Uber service that delivers its competitor''''''''''''''''s ads. We printed our messages on more than 12,000 meal boxes. Then we offered those boxes to some of the most popular restaurants on Uber Eats app. And voila! Our competitor did the rest.

Results: + 23% brand preference, +8% intent to try and 7,8 million media impressions with 0€ media invested, we succeeded in putting Heetch on the map. Taking the lead on the leader of the category to express our vision by allowing consumer to ask themselves the right questions and realize that riding with Heetch is a better choice for everyone.

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