"Swipe Night: Killer Weekend"

Client: Tinder
Product: Tinder
Title: Swipe Night: Killer Weekend
Media: Interactive Series on Tinder
Country: Global
Date Of Campaign: November 7, 2021

Background: Tinder’s Swipe Night is a groundbreaking and highly-acclaimed interactive entertainment platform that lives solely on Tinder, allowing us to activate our community seamlessly. It’s designed to give Gen Z new pathways to connect through content; it has paved the way for social entertainment experiences on Tinder, which have since become a popular way for members to match. Gen Z is looking for new ways to experience the magic of human connection: ways that blur boundaries between online and offline, and that feel fun and spontaneous. In creating the second season of Swipe Night, we set out to deepen the experience and expand ''''entertainment with purpose'''' fading the lines between in-real-life and digital and reimagining Tinder for the next generation. We doubled down on dialing up the intimacy, increasing the personal stakes and putting content at the core to the future of how new people will meet and get to know each other.

Idea: Swipe Night: Killer Weekend is a Gen-Z murder mystery where everyone is a suspect, even you. The story centers around Benjy Holt, the 23-year-old life (and death) of the party. With his recent success in the music industry, he’s brought all of his nearest and dearest together (including you) for a weekend away in a remote desert locale. But when you find him dead with a knife in his back, you must solve the crime before the cops arrive and haul away the wrong person. It’s a mix of comedy, mystery, and suspense all wrapped into one fast-paced journey filled with plenty of twists to keep you guessing. Throughout the experience, you find different clues depending on your choices. At the end of each of the three episodes, you choose a suspect and enter a new experience - Fast Chat - where you can discuss your theories with potential matches.

Results: Our immersive approach pulled members down the Killer Weekend rabbit hole. Among the millions of members who completed Episode 1 globally, over ? came back for Episodes 2 and 3. Completion rates were over 30% higher than the first season of Swipe Night supercharging opportunities for connection.

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