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KFC France

Client: KFC France
Product: KFC France
Title: KFCinema
Media: Cinema
Country: France
Date Of Campaign: 19/05/2021

Background: Due to the sanitary crisis, French movie theaters were closed for almost a whole year, bringing them to financial difficulties. KFC is often positioned near them, so the brand considered how to encourage people to go to the movies, to support them during this recovery period.

Idea: For the reopening of French cinemas on 19 May, KFC supports the cinema by launching a new communication campaign that will make the 7th Art crisp. Through its film, KFC shows a professional film foley artist, Romain Anklewicz, dubbing scenes of movies.We worked with him in real condition to recreate all the sound effects.He had to train and find the best products to make the dubbing believable: A wrap for Bruce Lee's crackling (thanks to the sound of breadcrumbs first and then crudités), tenders for footsteps in the snow (for a more muffled sound), the chewing of a Kentucky Burger for carts, light fangs in wings for the hatching of an egg (higher pitched sound than tenders).By the end, KFC invites people to support movie theaters by going back to the movies in the first days of their reopening, offering them Tenders on presentation of their movie ticket.

Results: Tiktok :JessyMP4 : 131K views, 28,3K engagementsAntton Racca : 365K views, 78,6K engagements

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