Lola Mullenlowe

Unilever - Lynx
"Indoor Ads"

Client: Unilever - Lynx
Product: Lynx Deodorant
Title: Indoor Ads
Media: Online/Print
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: March 29th 2021

Background: Throughout the last couple years, social media has been a fundamental tool to connect us with family and friends. Since this thing started, the only way of consuming any type of media is from home, be it movies, tv shows, art, or even ads. That’s why, while everyone in the UK was still at home, Lynx decided to launch a campaign that would revolutionize influencer’s advertising in the UK. A campaign that would give anyone the opportunity to become the brand’s influencer, without leaving home. And getting paid for it, too.

Idea: And the best part? The only requirement to share our ads was an Instagram account, and your engagement or follower count didn’t matter. The brand turned “normal” people all through the country into influencers overnight. To achieve this, we developed special ads, adapted to our home environment and its particularities. This way, our influencer’s homes started to fill up with ads in the shape of pillows, fridge magnets or posters.

Results: The campaign achieved great repercussion, selling out all the materials for the “indoor ads” in just a couple days, flooding the net with ads for the brand and receiving a huge number of positive comments. In the end: who doesn’t want to earn some money for uploading a picture to Instagram?.

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