"The Combat Warm-up"

Client: Garmin
Product: wearables & smartwatches
Title: The Combat Warm-up
Media: PR/Influencer/Social media
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 22/06/2021 till 11/07/2021

Background: 1 out of 2 Belgian women feels anxious during their running session outside, many of them often avoid certain streets or take shortcuts. And the rising number of sexual harassment cases made women think twice about whether they should exercise at all outside. This fear causes women massively quit sports or not even consider starting with it. Although this disturbing issue needs to be addressed towards men and raise awareness among them. Garmin wanted to find a way to empower women and strengthen them to keep running outside. The briefing was not to sell their products but to touch on this issue in a way that Garmin does and emanates in their core values which are helping people to navigate safely in public spaces and supporting them in their sport.

Idea: The ''Combat Warm-Up'' brings together the world of running and the world of martial arts to create a solution for a societal problem. The ‘Combat Warm-up’ are warm-up exercises for female runners with self-defence techniques woven into them. This enables you to prepare yourself for your work-out but at the same time help you to be able to defend yourself if you would need to. These exercises are specially developed by two renowned Belgian sportswomen. Belgian Gold Olympic medalist Kim Gevaert and European Taekwondo champion Laurence Rase.The core of this idea is mixing sports with fighting techniques and integrating them in your warm-up to become an automatism.

Results: The combat warm-up brought the issue to the heart of the social debate. Raising questions about women’s safety. Even though this is not a problem that Garmin can solve on its own, they definitely set the tone to spark a conversation as the beginning for further structural changes and solutions to ensure women’s safety.• 26 press articles were generated. • 860.000 women watched our videos • Our ads have been seen 4.3M times (of which 1.2M unique people). • 27 Garmin ambassadors supported the campaign by sharing the manifesto and the tutorials in their network. Good for a reach of 557.728 people and a PR value of € 61.602. • Basic-Fit and Garmin organized Combat Warm-Up Sessions throughout Belgium where women were able to learn the warm-up sessions in real life. • The combat warm-up sessions are now a permanent part of the leading Belgium fitness brand Basic-Fit.

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