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NKT Fasteners
"Dane Proof since 1899"

Client: NKT Fasteners
Product: Screws
Title: Dane Proof since 1899
Media: Social media and WebTV
Country: Sweden
Date Of Campaign: Maj 2020 - November 2021

Background: Introducing a Danish screw to the Swedish market can be challenging.And screws are not high interest, people don’t shop around for brands often. Most screws are just a screw. They do the job.For decades the Swedes has been using Swedish or other internationally produced fasteners – and builders are often quite conservative about what tools/brand they use. They Stick to what they know. And honestly – what can a different screw mean for the process of building an entire house?We knew that a classic BTB introduction of new tools and materials to the builders in Sweden typically was very detailed descriptions of product features and the engineering behind it.Perhaps a flyer in the store – or a demonstration of the product. Everything with the overall purpose of getting noticed by the smaller builder companies in Sweden.But if you are a busy builder - chances are that you don’t have time or interest in reading material like that?The NKT product is in fact a high-quality product, and with a long history, 120 years, to prove their worth as the most known screw brand in Denmark.But what If we played on the origin – Denmark and the heritage – instead of the product itself?For years there has been an ongoing rivalry between Sweden and Denmark who are two countries very close to each other in Scandinavia. So, we decided to think outside the box. Our job was to stand out and get them to notice us first of all.

Idea: Danes making fun of Swedes and Swedes making fun of Danes – is a part of living side by side as countries in Scandinavia. And that most Danes are really bad skiers compared to Swedes is an understatement. So, we used this insight when we introduced the Danish NKT Fasteners to the Swedish market.Our goal was to increase the Swedish carpenters knowledge to NKT Fasteners through a distinct communication that was category different.The story is built around the life at a Swedish ski resort, which just closed down for the season.The resort-owner and his assistant, are sadly inspecting the numerous damages to buildings and fences… All made by the, not so skilled, Danes during the season.But from now on things will change to the better - as the owner now discover NKT Fasteners. The ”Dane Proof screw” which just has been introduced to the Swedish market - as a charming excuse for all the damage the Danes has done to the ski lifts, wooden houses and wooden signs in the area over the last many years.

Results: From May to September 2020 the campaign generated 13.4 million views in Sweden* and helped raise brand awareness from 0-24%.With views across social media, WebTV and professional (carpenter related) media. After two bursts in May/June and August/September 2020, aided brand awareness jumped from 0 to 24%. The campaign was continued in 2021 with a minor update and expansion for social media.*and in Norway as a secondary marked with Norwegian subtitles.

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