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Al Futtaim IKEA
"IKEA Co-worker For The Day"

Client: Al Futtaim IKEA
Product: IKEA
Title: IKEA Co-worker For The Day
Media: Social and In-store activation
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date Of Campaign: January 26, 2022 - January 29, 2022

Background: The IKEA app holds the key to over 9,000 products in our range. During busy times, the app can offer as much help to customers as our actual employees. The problem was encouraging shoppers to use the app while they were shopping. This sales season, we found a solution and it all began with a yellow t-shirt and a case of mistaken identity.

Idea: For our customers, wearing a yellow shirt to IKEA is a big no-no as it’s common to be mixed up as one of our own staff members. We wanted to flip this and use it as a chance to promote our IKEA app by taking something seen as an annoyance for customers and turning it into a win for everybody. Since yellow shirted customers were already being seen as co-workers, we decided they would be the best ambassadors to help us prove just how good the IKEA app is. Our idea was to take advantage of this fashion mix up by inviting yellow shirted customers to become Co-workers For The Day and arming them with no training other than our app.

Results: In the end, over 29 yellow shirted customers became Co-workers For The Day. Our activation led to 85k IKEA app downloads over the month of January. Footfall increased by 4.3% and revenue by 2.7%. But best of all, was the fact that three Co-workers For The Day went on to become full-time Co-workers at IKEA.

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