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"Adopt A Keg"

Client: Carlsberg
Product: Carlsberg
Title: Adopt A Keg
Media: Initiative
Country: Denmark (launch), Malaysia
Date Of Campaign: 2020-04-20

Background: As Covid-19 struck what could Carlsberg say and do that would be meaningful? That will sell more beer in the off-trade (shops), help support the on-trade (bars closed) and reward loyal customers. Was there a way for Carlsberg to target all three audiences, and at the same time stand out from the empty messages of support seen by other brands?

Idea: Using a lonely keg as a symbol for hope and optimism we encouraged people, to fill their very own keg with the beer they were drinking at home. Helping bars come back stronger after lockdown. An e-commerce platform was created allowing people from home to scan a bottle of Carlsberg and fill up their very own virtual keg. Once filled they could take their virtual keg to a bar and redeem free beer.

Results: Results, available for Denmark and Malaysia at the time of writing, attest to the success of the campaign on all levels.Brand and Campaign ResultsIn Malaysia, campaign awareness was 131% versus target, and earned media valued at RM976,362 (USD$235,240).In Denmark, The campaign’s appeal was highest among younger male consumers. The online film had a VTR of 38.66% on YouTube and 79% on web-TV, both above industry benchmarks. On a brand level, 62% agreed that it shows ‘Carlsberg takes the lead’, while 68% said it shows the brand ‘stands out from other beer brands’.Business ResultsDenmark signed up 2000 users in the first 24 hours, and 15,623 active users in 4 weeks (156% versus target). Malaysia achieved 18,000 active users (180% versus target) who redeemed 140,000 beers, providing a much need boost to venues across the country.The development of the e-commerce platform in Malaysia resulted in a significant revenue stream for Carlsberg. In the first 4 week, the 1000 virtual kegs were adopted, delivering RM500,000 (USD$120,467) in revenue.A limited edition ‘red keg’ was subsequently created to celebrate Liverpool Football Club’s Championship win. In its first week, the available 200 kegs sold out. The promotion was extended, eventually selling 1000 kegs, which again generated RM500,000 (USD$120,467) revenue.

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