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"Data Pro Quo"

Client: Accenture
Product: Vending Machine
Title: Data Pro Quo
Media: Experential
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 26/04/21

Background: Every expert agrees in speculating that DATA IS THE NEW CURRENCY. But no one had ever come this far to make it happen.Data Pro Quo satisfies two goals:• Communicate the new business paradigm in a completely new way.• Capture valuable, business-oriented data.

Idea: DATA PRO QUO is the world's first vending machine where you pay with data.For the first time ever, you can buy a smothie with your email, a snack by answering two business questions, and even airpods if you complete the questionnaire.Just as with any other vending machine, the user chooses the item they want to buy, but when it's time to pay, there is no slot into which to insert money or a POS terminal for a card. Instead, the buyer is presented a screen on which to answer a series of simple questions, but designed to provide useful and actionable data.In addition to their email address, the first set of questions involves the user's job title, after which, depending on whether they are a CEO, CMO, CTO, etc., they answer different questions, from choosing the three main challenges they will face in coming months to revealing how they think their company will face them with help from third parties. This data is a particularly valuable asset.

Results: Within 24 hours after its launch countless outlets carried the news:• “No cryptocurrencies, no cards, no NFC… Fresh data• The first vending machine where users pay for items by answering questions”• “An invention that literally turns data into currency for payments”• “What if you could buy a chocolate bar with your personal data instead of money?• “Information in Exchange for products: the first vending machine where you pay with data is installed in Spain”Professionals from the world of technology and the most important influencers on the digital transformation and Big Data started to debate the importance of data“This #DataProQuo thing is amazing Paying with coins, cards, bitcoin, and now with data too”“An interesting solution for gathering information provided by consumers - in this case for professional environments. A market that keeps changing and evolving”“This first experiment is a success”“If you're still not convinced that data is the new currency, check this out”And we even got proposals to install Data Pro Quo in places we hadn’t even thought of.

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