LG Eletronics
"Project Ms. Mozart"

Client: LG Eletronics
Product: LG XboomGo
Title: Project Ms. Mozart
Media: Social Media ( Youtube, Instagram)
Country: Brasil
Date Of Campaign: March 8, 2021

Background: LG Electronics wanted to do pay tribute to International Women’s Day featuring its LG XBOOM GO line, a Bluetooth speaker that has an unparallel sound quality, featuring a technology capable of playing any song at its full potential. As the budget for a post a specific date was not a lot, they asked for a creative idea that would engage people organically on social media.

Idea: In honor of International Women’s Day, LG Electronics and its LG XBOOM GO speaker line presented Mozart’s sister, Maria Anna Mozart, whose talent was as celebrated as her brother’s. Despite having to leave aside her potential as an artist due tothe obligation to find a husband and get married, LG joined technology, linguistic and its music quality to transform the individual characteristics of her texts (analyzed from more than 150 pages of herletters and diaries) into a music which could only have been written by her. The piece,entitled “Das Königreich Rücken”(“The Kingdom of Back”), wasnamed after an imaginary kingdom fromMaria Anna and Wolfgang Amadeus’ childhoodmade reference to in their correspondences.

Results: Project Ms Mozart” was one of the most successful initiatives from LG in Brazil regarding cost/benefit. It had a lot of attention from the media on International Women’s Day. The pianist Heloísa Fernandes was invited to interviews at some of the most prestigious newspapers and radio stations in Brazil. The interest in LG Xboom Go also saw a significant raise of 15% during the second week of March, changing the way the company sees the potential of creative ideas on social media. As for Maria Anna Mozart, “Das Königreich Rücken”is still available on Spotify for anyone who loves classic music, no matter what gender they are.

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