"Clean your street view"

Client: Mooimakers
Product: Mooimakers
Title: Clean your street view
Media: digital
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: september 2020

Background: Every four years, the Google Street View Car drives through Belgium to make an update of our lovely streets, houses, shops... but also our lovely litters. And they will be totally free to watch online for years.So, few days before the Google Car captures all this dirt, MOOIMAKERS, the Flemish initiative against illegal litter, sent a message to every citizens of Flanders: CLEAN YOUR STREET VIEW.

Idea: A social media campaign based on actual Google dirty street views.We printscreened more than 1200 litters in Flanders and edited all of them in a very short time. We used the real geolocation of each litter to target all the citizens living in the same street. We showed them how dirty their street is, and how better it could be. By simply put everything waste on a public trash.

Results: The campaign got a huge success. More than 1.000.000 impressions with a minimum budget of 3000 euros spent on social media. But most of all, we engaged all the communities of Flanders in one common goal. Make their streets more beautiful than ever. Offline ànd online.

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