Cheil Spain


Client: Samsung
Product: Tallk
Title: Tallk
Media: Samsung
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 20 september 2020

Background: ALS is a disease that leaves people completely immobile and silent. Is the most costly neurodegenerative disease. Currently, there are specialized technologies that assist with communication, but their cost of around €6,000 makes them beyond reach for 90% of Spanish patients where the average income is just €23,000 per year.

Idea: To democratize communication technology for all ALS patients. The cameras of Samsung tablets (200€ price) can track people’s eyes, so we have developed a software to enhance this technology, normally used to unlock devices. The app includes predictive algorithms that learn from the users: the way they talk and the words they use more often. And thanks to Inernet Of Things & Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, they can use the app to control different devices and home appliances. We have created a free app that transforms an existing technology into a new, affordable and revolutionary service supporting all ALS patients, families and caretakers.

Results: In only 3 months, 50% of Spanish patients have used the app.3 Million views (Campaign spot)Reach: 62 million.1.019.168€ PR valueTrending Topic on Twitter.96% positive comments on SSMM

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