Som Livre
"Bivolt feat Bivolt"

Client: Som Livre
Product: Bivolt's debut album
Title: Bivolt feat Bivolt
Media: Digital
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: 06 May 2020 - 31 May 2022

Background: Bivolt is an up-and-coming Brazilian artist with a personality full of dualities.Starting with the artistic name, "Bivolt" is a symbolic way of saying that there are times when her personality can be light, like a frequency of 110 volts, and at other times it can be electrifying, like 220 volts.In music, this duality is also brought by two distinct sides. One is the "110v" side, which the artist defines by the calm frequencies of her R&B influences and mellow vocals. The other is the "220v" side, which is made up of the intense energy of someone who emerged from the toughest rap battles in the country.So, being a still-unknown artist releasing a debut album, we needed:1) Promote Bivolt's debut album and introduce her to a broader audience.2) Increase the number of monthly listeners on streaming platforms.3) Increase her fan base on social media.

Idea: To promote Bivolt's debut album, we challenged her with an idea to elevate her duality and introduce her full potential as an artist: compose two individual songs, that when played together, create a third one, as the perfect blend of her artistic persona. This is Bivolt feat Bivolt.First, in collaboration with the musical director Nave (Grammy Winner), the new tracks were crafted with precision and included in the album. While mellow vocals guided the song named "110 volts", heavy beats took over the other, called "220 volts".Then, we hyped the experience by releasing two music videos that complement each other musically and visually, when played at the same time - turning the debut album itself into an interactive musical experience.

Results: More than a musical debut, the album became an interactive experience that shined the spotlight on a relatively unknown artist, putting Bivolt's name forever on the map of Brazilian music.On streaming platforms, Bivolt's numbers rocketed from 2,000 daily/listeners to 180,000 daily / listeners.Youtube: 1M views on YT in less than 4 days.IG, TW, FB, YT: +700% growth on social media profiles.The experience was recognized by major national music and audiovisual awards: Best Music Video (National Rap Awads), Best Female Rapper (National Rap Awards), Music Video of the Year (Genius Awards), Best Innovation in Video (M-v-f Awards).Bivolt feat Bivolt appeared in over 50 national media outlets and some international ones."Electryfing"— Rolling Stone"Bivolt’s innovative duet with herself"— Shots"Two singles that became three songs"— Popload"An interactive trippy new album"— Campaign

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