Wunderman Thompson

United Nations
"Inertia City"

Client: United Nations
Product: The Global Goals For Sustainable Development
Title: Inertia City
Media: Digital Campaign - Youtube
Country: Brasil
Date Of Campaign: August 4th 2020

Background: São Paulo. 4th most populous city in the world. 12 million inhabitants. 9 million vehicles. 5th worst traffic in the world. The city that never stops almost stops every day. The traffic impacts more than just daily commuters. It’s also responsible for deaths, pollution, inequality and stress. The city residents live in a contradiction between the individual and collective: society complains about the traffic, but at the same time, no one realizes that they’re part of the problem and the solution as well.The brief was to raise awareness to the Global Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, part of the 17 goals set by the UN to achieve a better future by 2030. Our main objective was to inspire young audiences to embrace the goal and drive change in their communities.

Idea: The idea in a short sentence: the day São Paulo stopped. The film portrays the individuality and selfishness of a man who needs to choose between his family and the car of his dreams. To blend drama with facts, the story is fictional, but based on shockingly real data:• São Paulo residents spend on average 36 days in traffic each year, which inspired the endless traffic jam.• Air pollution kills 20 people in São Paulo each day. That is represented as a cloud of smog that hangs as an omen the whole time.• Traffic accidents, that kill 30% more than public violence in São Paulo, inspired the accident with the cyclist, and the car thrashing scene.At the end of the film, we show the corresponding footage with its matching data and reveal that the story is fictional. The numbers behind it are not.

Results: The film campaign successfully drove views to our longform film. The movie had over 100,000 hours of watching time and a 5-minute retention time average, reaching over 74MM people. Besides all the audience reached and the awareness created, our partners from Google received an honourable mention from the UN SDG Action Awards as one of the most impactful initiatives in 2020.

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