"Unboxing Ibai"

Client: Netflix/PlayStation
Product: Netflix x PS5
Title: Unboxing Ibai
Media: Digital
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 11/09/20

Background: The main entertainment industries are no longer fighting for subscriptions, but for audience's attention time. Netflix lose this battle against video games and streaming social networks among the young (8.5hrs vs 3hrs). To be relevant to this target, generate talkability and demonstrate that Netflix original stories are at the next level, the brand decided to partner with its main competitor: Sony PlayStation. Taking advantage of the most expected launching by gamers: the new PS5 (Netflix app included).

Idea: We joined with Ibai, Worldwide Streamer of the Year, to hack the first Unboxing of the new PS5, on Amazon Twitch, the world's leading gaming platform.What appeared to be a conventional streaming became the first live horror film ever produced, executed and broadcasted live. The internationally awarded horror filmmaker Jaume Balagueró behind the famous franchise [REC] was in charge of the first live film direction and the original script. A total of 9 cameras, a production crew of 70 people and an amazing display of live special effects completed the experiment. In words of Balagueró, “this was absolutely innovative”.

Results: The most influential streamers around the globe went nuts, played the movie and reacted to it in their own channels, generating an accumulated audience of 70.7 million. The live movie was TT#1 in 3 countries (Spain, Argentina and Mexico), also TT#3 and TT#4 in Spain (the same day the covid vaccine was announced). Mentions to Netflix increased 137%. More than 30 million views and 1.2 Billion impressions. Total engagement: 52MM interactions. All with a 92% positive sentiment to Netflix.

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