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Riot Games

Client: Riot Games
Product: League of Legends: Wild Rift
Title: Honeyfruit
Media: Edible Fruit
Country: South-East Asia
Date Of Campaign: 12 November 2020

Background: League of Legends is a popular PC game that has been around for 12 years. In 2020, Riot Games released Wild Rift, the mobile version of League. For the launch of Wild Rift, we needed to reignite the imagination of gamers about the game they loved. Existing fans needed to know there was still more to discover in League while mobile gamers needed to get a taste of the complex and exciting world of League.

Idea: We gave gamers a literal taste of the game that they couldn’t help gushing over. We refreshed interest by letting them eat an actually edible in-game power-up called Honeyfruit. For context, this was like letting a Pac Man player eat Pac Man Cherries, or a Super Mario fan eat a 1-up Mushroom. In a time when everyone was bringing physical experiences into the digital world, we manifested a virtual magic fruit as a visually intriguing real-world object. In a category obsessed with cutting-edge digital graphics, we immersed players in a story told through fantastic flavours and magic mouthfeel.For the first time in League’s 11 year history, gamers and influencers could actually taste this highly-sought after in-game fruit. We worked with a world-class chef to give Honeyfruit a complex and multifaceted taste. Using molecular gastronomy techniques, we seeded the fruit with microbeads of flavour that exploded with different tastes with every bite.

Results: Honeyfruit earned 6.1 million social and media impressions within 2 weeks. Gamers created memes, unboxing videos, reactions videos, taste tests, comedic sketches and rap songs about Honeyfruit. We also enjoyed an incredible turnout at our on-ground event. We distributed 10,500 Honeyfruits to thousands of eager fans who queued up for hours for a taste. As a result, Honeyfruit successfully beat sentiment benchmarks by 13x. This meant that our ratio of likes to dislikes was 13x better than the average game launch.In addition, we also created highly popular event wrap-up videos that amplified the reach of our campaign far beyond the event itself. This was key because when gamers around the world saw Thai fans reacting to the taste, their desire to know more only fanned intrigue. Finally, the success of Honeyfruit contributed to Wild Rift’s rise to the top of the App Store game charts in every market it was released during its launch window.

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