Brussels Public Transport
"Voices of Brussels"

Client: Brussels Public Transport
Product: Brussels Public Transport
Title: Voices of Brussels
Media: Special built bus
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: April 2020

Background: During lockdown, people of Brussels were separated from their friends and families. It was especially hard for the elderly, who have limited access to technology like social medias or video calls.As public transports, our daily task is to bring people together.So how could we keep on doing what we do the best in those difficult times?

Idea: We brought Brussels citizens what they missed the most during lockdown: voices of their families and friends, at their doors. A special electric bus was pulling up outside people's homes and played audio messages from loved ones via loudspeaker.Instead of carrying passengers, we carried audio messages from inhabitant of Brussels intended for grandparents, family members, healthcare workers or simply the person they missed the most, so it can be played to them.Residents just had to record audio messages on Messenger and send it to @lastib, along with the address of the recipient. That way, the bus could drive to people’s door and play the messages in the street. Bringing the empty silent street of Brussels back to life for a little while. We planned everyday a different route passing through every district of Brussels to deliver as most love messages as we could.

Results: 818 messages shared in 48 hours The bus broadcasted messages across 250 kilometers in the city (7 times the size of Brussels) 0% negative sentiment39 countries shared the idea hitting several tv news (sky news, fox news, Nos and Belgian national tv) 1,1 billion impressions 392 news outletsBut most importantly: 25 birthday wishes20 declarations of love1 wedding proposal

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