Sancho BBDO

"Bottled Masks"

Client: Postobón
Product: Postobón Beverages
Title: Bottled Masks
Media: Design & Experiencial
Country: Colombia
Date Of Campaign: 20/09/2020

Background: With one of the highest unemployment rates and lower-income per capita salaries in South America, Colombian families were especially vulnerable to face the mandatory biosecurity equipment they needed to purchase to be able to get back to work, an extra cost that could mean to resign to basic grocery items including our products, due to their already tight weekly budget. Postobon has been part of the daily life of Colombian families for 111 years, therefore it has accrued the role of actively looking for ways to continuously improve their lives beyond the dinner table.? As the largest bottling company in the country, our approach to this problem was to create an accessible solution with two key guidelines: First, the direct involvement of our product or brand and second, avoiding making them compromise to purchase items that couldn't be in the households already.

Idea: We found out most face shields in the market were made of plastic, just like our PET bottles. So in order to provide an accessible and immediate solution, we redesigned our average family-size bottles into a four-step design to upcycle our 9M bottles, already in the market, into low-cost face shields worth around 0.5 USD. In a day-to-day race against the clock and our countries COVID-19 case count, we created a task force that brought together advertising creatives, product designers, epidemiologist and industrial engineers to ensure our low-cost face shield design, could meet the thickness, resistance and overall functionality, to endure the use and the chemicals implemented to sterilize medical protective equipment in the market. We launch the Bottled Masks design in the natural platform for DYI tutorials; YouTube, implementing the video at our brand's channels and with the support of several recognized sustainability influencer channels with 34K followers each, who showed the step-by-step process or invited to download the printable guideline sheet from a supporting lading page. A sustained effort in parallel to social media posts, stories, printed posters and placements in local newspapers.

Results: · 2PT Increase in Postobon's brand reputation.· +32% Sales Increase in family size presentations nationwide. · 97% Positive response rate to the Bottled Masks design. · 380K Stores Activated in Colombia.· 9M Family size bottles were potentially turned in PPE.· Postobon was recognized as one of the brands with the highest commitment to its consumers during reactivation. · A considerable amount of brand retractors who heavily criticized our PET bottles in the past left that aside to share and recognize the brand's design.

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