"HerShe 2021"

Product: Hershey’s chocolate bars
Title: HerShe 2021
Media: Hershey's, Plano Feminino and the 9 artists social networks, Youtube, 110 Press Kits, Supermarket, Journal
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: 08/mar/2021

Background: Hershey's considers recognition of women part of its DNA. Its CEO, Michele Buck, now leads an employee base that is 52% women. According to MASP, São Paulo's Art Museum, only 6% of the works of art on display in Brazil are by women. Following the success of the HerShe project in 2020 and with the aggravation of the pandemics for female artists working opportunities, the brand decided to make a bigger effort for the 2021 edition, transforming it into a platform for not only showcasing, but also supporting women who dream of making a living with their art.

Idea: We discovered the pronouns "HER" and "SHE" within the name Hershey's and transformed the brand's iconic milk chocolate packaging into a canvas, to showcase the talent of 8 young women who dream of making a living with their art. 320k bars were the starting point of a platform for supporting female artists throughout Brazil.

Results: The HerShe bars sold 692% more than the brand's traditional milk chocolate version. The eight artists got an organic increase of 30% on their social channels and hundreds of female artists had their work published on Hershey's Instagram and website. The platform sparked an important conversation about gender equality in the arts.