DDB Aotearoa New Zealand

Lion New Zealand
"The Tiny Pub"

Client: Lion New Zealand
Product: Emerson's Brewery
Title: The Tiny Pub
Media: Ambient, social, digital, OOH
Country: New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: 24/06/2020

Background: Emerson’s is a regional beer, based in the far south of New Zealand. They wanted to grow their footprint throughout the rest of the country, while staying true to their core beliefs of patience, craft, and appreciation for beer – not just in the brewing, but also in the way it is consumed.

Idea: We created the Tiny Pub – a two man bar with everything you need to enjoy the perfect beer, and nothing more. The antidote to modern gastropub monstrosities, the pub went on a national tour, where people could book in pairs for a taste of everything Emerson’s holds dear about the beer drinking experience. This also proved fortuitously timed as the country emerged from lockdown - with people desperate to catch up with mates for a socially distanced beer. The sessions lasted 27 minutes – the perfect amount of time to enjoy a pint and the pub’s features, including a tiny piano, mini dartboard, and even The Tiny Pub Gazette.

Results: At launch the Pub was featured on national television, and subsequently the entire tour booked out before a single pint had been poured. Emerson’s experienced the highest brand recognition in its history as a result of the tour, and reversed a 12% decline in supermarket sales into a 14% increase. In fact sales were so strong that Emerson’s completely sold out of their beer by the conclusion of the tour.