"Where Babies Come From"

Client: Genea
Product: Fertility Services/IVF
Title: Where Babies Come From
Media: Integrated
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 29th September 2020

Background: Genea saw their Australian market share slipping. Once an industry leader, their competitors’ share of voice had overtaken them. To make matters worse, IVF advertising in Australia is a sea of sameness. We needed to restore Genea as the front-runners in their field and relaunch the brand in a way that resonated with the IVF community, got us talked about and ultimately generated consultations.

Idea: When it comes to conception, society still focuses on natural sex between a man and a woman. Yet 1 in 20 children are conceived via IVF. But with a lack of public acknowledgement that this is a normal way to have a baby, people with fertility issues feel stigmatised and unable to talk about it.To regain our leadership positioning and resonate among patients, we wanted to break this stigma. So we rewrote the story of ‘Where babies come from’ and made IVF as natural as sex.It launched with a playful, yet provocative film to drive conversation — showing the real story of fertility struggles, before making IVF a natural way to conceive. A children’s book tackled the same subject. We released them directly to IVF patients who shared our message. Many felt empowered to break their silence for the first time.

Results: We have generated 35.6 million media impressions, and boosted brand awareness 129% among IVF parents. In the short-term we have seen an 88% increase in Genea consultations resulting in a projected $1.06 million increase in monthly revenue.