Lidl Belgium
"Seven Fennels and Raspberries"

Client: Lidl Belgium
Product: Fresh food
Title: Seven Fennels and Raspberries
Media: Radio, Film
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: February 2, 2021

Background: Lidl Belgium is all about promoting fresh food for those you love.

Idea: For Valentine’s day, we promoted a new kind of gift. A bouquet of fresh vegetables and fruits instead of flowers. To launch this activation, we remade one of Belgium’s (and Europe’s) greatest classic hits from 1971: “Seven Carnations Seven Roses”. We turned it into “Seven Fennels and Raspberries” and re-recorded it with the original artist Willy Sommers. The music video was made in seventies-style, referring to the original song.

Results: The activation generated a lot of PR and was covered by all mainstream media, showbizz magazines, and went viral within Belgium. Reaching over 90% of the population and generating more than 500k € in earned media. Fennel sales even went up 18%. But most importantly the brand underlined once again that the people you love deserve fresh food.

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