"Fantastic Voyage"

Client: Adobe
Product: Photoshop
Title: Fantastic Voyage
Media: TV
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: August 27, 2020

Background: Adobe Photoshop's latest campaign aims to inspire creators to go wherever their imagination takes them. As it's centerpiece, the "Fantastic Voyage" film celebrates Photoshop's true power - not only as a creative tool, but as a vehicle that empowers us to re-imagine the world and go to the furthest corners of our imagination. Follow along as our hero, through the power of her own creativity and Photoshop, re-imagines her own ordinary commute into an extraordinary voyage.

Idea: We developed a campaign inspired by our audience’s creative orientation: the world is a canvas for them to transform.Our film follows a girl as she uses the power of her creativity and Photoshop to transform her commute into a fantastic voyage. This imaginative narrative presents a picture of the creative possibility Photoshop offers that’s relevant to our audience’s aspirations.

Results: 272M Video Views, 2x Avg YT Video Completion Rate, 15.5% Lift in Photoshop search queries, +5 points in unaided awareness of Photoshop, +8 aided awareness of Photoshop, 953K visits to a.com

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