"Doritos Wasabi"

Client: PepsiCo
Product: Elma Chips / Doritos
Title: Doritos Wasabi
Media: Social Media ( Youtube, Facebook, OOH & Instagram )
Country: Brasil
Date Of Campaign: Sept 16, 2020

Background: Doritos was introducing a new, limited edition flavor in the Brazilian market: Doritos Wasabi. A bold move, from a bold brand, was asking for a bold campaign.So, in a Portuguese-speaking country, we produced and aired an entire campaign 100% in Japanese.

Idea: We needed to communicate the launch of the new Doritos Wasabi, a flavor that isn’t very popular in Brazil. So, if the flavor itself wouldn’t grab many people’s attention, we needed a campaign that would. We created an entire campaign 100% in Japanese. No subtitles, no explanationand not a single word in Portuguese. And taking inspiration from Japanese arts and culture, we brought a little Japan to streets across Brazil in the form of meticulously crafted posters.Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside Japan. Because of this, Japanese pop culture is deeply appreciated in the country. That’s why we used classic references like the Kaijuposters inspired by Godzilla and Ultraman -which were hit shows in Brazil –and the manga posterinspired by Naruto and Dragon Ball –shows that have a legion of fans in the country –and many other easter eggs.

Results: +53.3m people impacted in the whole campaign140% of the paid media’s value in earned mediaHigh rate of engagement on social mediaRecords across all metrics for PepsiCo BrasilDoritos Wasabi, once a limited edition, became part of the brand’s permanent portfolio

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