Wunderman Thompson

"Nature is calling for help"

Client: WWF
Product: WWF Donation Campaign
Title: Nature is calling for help
Media: Radio
Country: Chile
Date Of Campaign: From November 2020 until January 2021

Background: We have been witnessing for decades how the devastation of our nature takes millions of animals lives each year, and during the last one, more than 4.5 million bushfires were registered, over 3 billion animals died just in bushfires of Australia and more than 13 million hectares were deforested in the world. Reaching the highest level in history of 40 soccer fields of virgin forests per minute.

Idea: We created “Nature is calling for help”, the first radio campaign made with real bird songs, recorded while their forests were being destroyed. Making an emergency call that seeks to raise awareness and make visible the impact of bushfires and deforestation on the biodiversity and ecosystem of our planet. Because if through all these years they didn't listen to us, now they will listen to them.

Results: Because this campaign is still on air and being broadcasted in all countries of WWF's global network, we do not yet have definitive feedback on how many people it impacted and how many new members it attracted.

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