Lidl Belgium
"Sounds Horrible"

Client: Lidl Belgium
Product: Fresh Food
Title: Sounds Horrible
Media: Radio
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 30/10/2020

Background: For Halloween 2020, supermarket chain Lidl Belgium wanted to promote their online recipe platform “”. A platform where you can find delicious fresh food recipes the whole year round. But how do we link Halloween, the festival of blood and gore with fresh products and recipes from Lidl?

Idea: A skull being crushed, bones being broken, intestines being removed. That’s what our radio commercial sounds like, at first listen.Until the voice over states where these sounds actually come from. We created them during the preparation of a delicious fresh pumpkin soup. So what you actually hear is the cutting of a pumpkin, the removal of pulp and seeds, the breaking of a carrot, etcetera. All registered during a cooking session in a recording studio.The radio commercial guides listeners to, where they can discover more delicious Halloween recipes.

Results: Once again Lidl made it very clear that even on Halloween, they are still the reference when it comes to fresh food.

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