El Universo
"The Holly Ad"

Client: El Universo
Product: Newspaper
Title: The Holly Ad
Media: best use of print
Country: Ecuador
Date Of Campaign: april- 2018 to april 2019

Background: Easter Week it’s been celebrated for more than 1500 years and is one of the most important traditions of the catholic faith. In Ecuador, each year around 9 million people buy a bouquet of wax palm to be blessed with holy water. Endangering this species and the animals that they inhabit.Diario El Universo possesses a worldwide environmental license certification, for this reason, we decided to change a tradition without changing faith.

Idea: In our Easter week edition, working together with the church and offset printing experts We blessed the ink from our ad with holy water. And the ad, when folded turns into a bouquet just like the wax palm.Giving the congregation an alternative that already has the blessing from God.

Results: Working hand in hand for an endangered species, faith and environment set a precedent.-3,2M Total ReachMore than 150K copies printedThe purchase of bouquets reduced by 80%2 other newspapers joined the cause

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