Wunderman Thompson UK

"Buzzwords, Lingo, Passwords"

Client: Nestle
Product: KitKat
Title: Buzzwords, Lingo, Passwords
Media: Radio
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: April 2021

Background: All three executions are poking fun at the colloquialisms of the contemporary world. In ‘Buzzwords’, we play on the often ridiculous lengths that participants on email and in meetings will go to in order to keep things objective and ‘business-like.’ They have become a part of office culture despite being cold-blooded and obtuse. In ‘Lingo’ we highlight the cascade of conversation ‘filler’ that substitutes for anything original; the verbal equivalent of junk food. And it’s not just the Gen Z crowd who are guilty. We all over-use these hackneyed phrases. The ‘Passwords’ execution reflects on our dependence on technology, which is also the bane of our lives. Much of the developed world lives under the government of machines. And passwords, with their finnicky quirks and constant need to be updated, have become the fiddly keys to that kingdom. Most people find them utterly infuriating. And hard to remember.

Idea: The work features the words of a fed up person who lives under the tyranny of modern life. Whether it’s the mental gymnastics of remembering multiple passwords, enduring the ridiculous ‘corporate’ speak in the office or suffering cliché Millennial colloquialisms, these days, there’s a lot of modern complexity and annoyances to put up with. Luckily Kit Kat is still a simple, satisfying treat that gives us all the opportunity to have a break and escape for a moment. Unchanged after over 75 years, this delicious snack is the perfect antidote to modern life and these irritating conventions.

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