"Heavily Accented"

Client: Cruzcampo
Product: Beer
Title: Heavily Accented
Media: TV
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 21.01.2021

Background: Cruzcampo was born in 1904 in Andalucía as a beer created especially for the warm southern climate, manufactured to be enjoyed ice cold, so the master brewers balanced it by increasing its bitterness. Something very appreciated for their loyal consumers but not sol much for the rest.In Spain, and many other places around the world, there exists discrimination against certain ways of speaking. A trend that keeps growing.Andalusia, the region where Cruzcampo was born, is the place in Spain that receives the most ridicule.In the street, on TV and even in Parliament, it is common to hear expressions about the way Andalusians speak, expressions that aim to offend and mock their accent. As an Andalusian brand, far from hiding or avoiding this problem, we face it. We see the accent as something to celebrate. We needed to change the conversation in a way that didn’t apologize for our differences, but helped others to embrace them.We used Behavioral Science to help us find the strategic path linked to the brand's spirit. After long sessions, we finally hit upon the conceptual territory “Proudly different”, which allowed us to place the value on being proud of being the way we are and doing things the way we do them. A new territory which the brand is completely legitimized to take on and exploit through different meanings:• Building a sense of belonging. • Championing and placing value on our origin • Recognizing our unique character, empowering diversity, and the differences that make us all special.To do this, we used one of the most powerful drivers of inter-human evolution. How we have navigated within and between tribes for millennia. The authenticity of the accent. No longer were we a bitter beer, consumed by our audience’s parents in old southern bars. We were accented. Rather than justifying or explaining away our differences. Through our accent, we were able to embrace them.

Idea: Cruzcampo is a brewery from Andalusia, a place full of stigmas of being "from the south" such as the growing discrimination against the way they speak due to their accent. The best way to take our message to society with credibility was with a great advocate that could represents all this spirit. But we couldn't find anyone alive who could deliver the message. Until we came up with a crazy idea: what if we revived Lola Flores through AI and it’s her who speaks to the young people? She was one of those undisputed artists, our Aretha, our Edith Piaf. She was empowered before that word even existed, she embraced diversity without complexes and was always very clear that her roots were the basic foundation for fulfilling herself as a person. The problem is that Lola Flores passed away 26 years ago.In the "Heavily accented" speech, a deepfake of Lola Flores (Spain's dead most popular and best-loved artist) highlights the importance of playing with your roots to find the best version of yourself:“grab your roots, good things always come from that”. With expressions loaded with empowerment: “Accent is being seen for what you’re made of. Creases and all, it’s being heard… even with nothing to say” and messages that talks about the importance of diversity.The new generations in the film representing the modern south of Spain and breaking the stigma of being "from the south".

Results: The campaign has become a "cultural phenomenon" and the brand has never achieved so much repercussion before. It has appeared in 706 media outlets (38 of them on TV), reaching a potential audience of 615 million and an average value to date of 9.3 million euros. It generated a multitude of debates such as the accent as a way of reclaiming roots and legacy, "andaluphobia", glottophobia, even becoming a flag of "Andalusianism".On social media, it achieved a record number of positive mentions in just 3 days. Reaching #1, #2 and #3 National Trending Topic. All important politicians, journalists, musician and Spanish celebrities used social media to share the campaign pleasingly surprised and completely for free, and even achieving repercussion in other countries, among groups of foreigners...Even the campaign has been turned into t-shirts sweatshirts, jackets, tattoos……And most importantly, society now considers it offensive to make fun of someone's accent, just as it would be if it were their race.

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