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Burger King
"Pay Cut Whopper"

Client: Burger King
Product: Fast Food
Title: Pay Cut Whopper
Media: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Online, In-Stores and OOH
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date Of Campaign: August 2020

Background: Online food delivery platforms represent 8% of the market in the UAE and expected to double their penetration in the coming five years, making it a promising category.Aggregator platforms such as Talabat and Zomato lead the market with a 70% share with Deliveroo and Careem becoming bigger players in the rest 30% of the market. Even though Burger King can deliver their food through these giant platforms, they end up paying high commissions and, worse, lose one of the most critical assets for a brand: their consumer's data.In 2020, Covid-19 safety measures meant many UAE Burger King physical stores transitioned to focus on building and enhancing the home delivery segment. The pandemic brought a 75-80% decrease in revenue overall and the home delivery segment remained the only operational one during a price battle with competitors. Moreover, the UAE also saw 100s of 1000s of temporary pay cuts, making people a lot more wary of discretionary spends.

Idea: The first promotion where anyone can customize the discount based on their pay cut.In the UAE, pay cuts affected nearly 8 out of 10 companies/employees. Not the best time to launch a food delivery app!So, we launched the fairest promo for the toughest of times. We modified the classic app user experience, developing a new discount variable that people could customize to match their pay cut percentage and duration.We took a human and relatable approach in times of little hope. Pay Cut Whopper. Pay less when you need it most.

Results: Our results reveal that more than 22 million people were reached & engaged, with over 250K downloads & rising, plus 30% sales increase vs 2019. The promo saw an incredible +70% redemption rate, while at one time 4 out of 5 burgers ordered were using the discount. Plus we raced to #3 & #4 (from #28 & #68) on the Play Store & App Store charts!Amazingly, our app data also showed that discounts activated matched the country’s pay cut numbers very closely.

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