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"Stay Home Miles Exchange"

Title: Stay Home Miles Exchange
Media: Mobile application
Country: Thailand
Date Of Campaign: 24/04/2020

Background: Coronavirus landed early in Thailand and of all businesses, aviation was the most badly hit. As Thailand’s national carrier, Thai Airways had to innovate to stay relevant and keep its customers engaged with a different kind of travel experience.

Idea: While it’s customary to reward miles for the more you travel, Thai Airways has done the complete opposite and flipped the travel experience on its head, rewarding customers for staying within their own four walls. #StayHomeEarnMilesThe idea plays on the universal insight that the excitement around any trip doesn’t start with the flight – it starts with the planning. So the brand was not only rewarding members for staying in, it was also giving them hope that future travel was not too far away.We flipped our miles program upside down, encouraging people to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. Our app used geolocation technology to determine if users stayed within 100m radius of their homes and automatically rewarded them with miles. With that, Thai Airways not only rewarded members for staying in, it also gave them hope that future travel was not too far away. All they needed was an active frequent flyer membership (Royal Orchid Plus) with Thai Airways and the Stay Home Miles Exchange app on their device. With a simple and intuitive interface, the app used geolocation technology to determine if the user was within 100m radius of his / her home. Users could then track their own mile counters real time and enjoy home while collecting their rewards.

Results: - #1 In health & fitness category in the app store. - $764K PR Value. - 37,230 Registered users. - 809,152 Miles awarded. - 3,236,608 Million hours spent indoors.

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