Chilean Red Cross
"First Line for the Front Line"

Client: Chilean Red Cross
Product: Chilean Red Cross
Title: First Line for the Front Line
Media: Featured in 100+ independent digital media such us Playground.com.
Country: Chile
Date Of Campaign: 15/01/2020

Background: We had two problems: 1. In the middle of the biggest social uprising in Chile in the last 30 years, the Chilean Red Cross attended to hundreds of people injured on the front line of protests, but we needed at least US$10,000 per month in donations to obtain basic supplies like serum, gauze and water to remain there. 2. The mass media outlets that normally donated free advertising space for our campaigns were harshly criticized by Chileans for hiding the acts of violence committed. So, where were we to launch our campaign if we had no budget for that?

Idea: The idea is quite simple. We took advantage of the fact that the expression "Primera Línea" has two meanings in Spanish - "First Line” and “Front Line” - and decided to ask the independent digital media, the media with the highest credibility during the social uprising, for the first line of their news to turn it into a hyperlink that would take readers to our donations website, NOT another news report. This allowed us to obtain the funds for supplies to continue attending to the injured where we were needed most: on the front lines of the protests.

Results: - An investment of US$0. - Over 100 independent national and international media outlets donated their first line.- Visits to our donations website increased by 30%. - US$130,000 raised in two months. This is 650% more than was projected at the beginning of the campaign. It is a historic sum for a nonprofit institution in a small country with 19 million inhabitants, in the middle of its biggest social crisis in the last 30 years.- The most successful digital campaign in the history of the Chilean Red Cross.

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