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Client: Mobily
Product: Mobily e-Sports
Title: ProtectSet
Media: Online
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date Of Campaign: 22nd December 2020

Background: More than 93% of kids play video games. And with the pandemic, children are spending more time in their rooms and, consequently, gaming. Uncoincidentally, reports of online sexual abuse are emerging with unprecedented frequency around the world, with some perpetrators grooming hundreds and even thousands of victims, according to a review of prosecutions, court records, law enforcement reports and academic studies.It was time we did something about it. So, we decided to reimagine headsets and transform them into powerful tools and, most importantly, conversation starters. Because the only way we’ll end this issue is by talking to kids and making this a topic of discussion in every home.We’re 100% aware that the device, alone, doesn’t end the issue. But it has the power to make people debate the issue and bring the subject of gaming safety into news stations, homes, workplaces and so forth.

Idea: If you put yourself in a predator’s shoes and imagine a 100-person Fortnite match, you can quickly come to the conclusion that one of the easiest ways to single out young, innocent, approachable players is by their voice. With this in mind, we decided to make a small tweak in the usual gaming headsets and create a one-of-its-kind, innovative product, that modifies children’s voices so they sound significantly older. By doing this, we can mask their ages and identities, stave off predators who are looking for potential victims and transform normal headsets into conversation starters.Studies prove that almost half of parents are in the dark about who their child is gaming with when they’re online. And since children are spending more time than ever in their rooms, the emergent reports of sexual abuse regarding kids and video-games are not coincidental.With this in mind, we decided to create something that would grab the media’s and parents’ attention worldwide. Something that would spur everyone to talk about gaming safety and transform this debate into a topic of conversation amongst families across the globe. Because the only way we can end this issue is by making kids aware of the dangers related to online gaming and speaking to fellow players.The campaign lasted for 6 months and was divided into 2 stages: production and implementation. The first stage included the design and production of 100 devices with a long testing and audio calibration process where we auditioned a wide variety of kids and calibrated the headset so we achieved the best sound quality/output possible.When we were happy with the results, we started the implementation phase where the devices were distributed amongst dozens of influencers/youtubers/media outlets across the region and world, culminating in the exposure of the campaign and the devices themselves.

Results: In just 15 days, the initiative has already gathered impressive results: 800M impressions, 10M USD in earned media, over 2,000 media clippings and 900 cumulative TV broadcasts in the region and the world.With no media budget, we developed a campaign to make gaming safety a topic of debate and the world responded to it, making parents, the gaming world and the media talk about the issue.

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