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"Abusers Always work from home"

Client: NCDV
Product: NCDV
Title: Abusers Always work from home
Media: Outdoor and Film
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: May 2020

Background: The UK first went into full lockdown in March 2020. Whilst the lockdown and working from home halted the spread of Coronavirus, for people living with an abusive partner, being locked in with their violator put their lives at even greater risk than the Coronavirus itself.There was no brief. The creatives saw news breaking that domestic abuse reports had surged by 49% during lockdown and acted proactively to create a campaign to reach victims during this volatile time.Let victims know that the NCDV provides free legal advice, including injunctions which are often life-saving. In doing so raise awareness of the unacceptable increase of domestic abuse within society.By leading with such a provocative headline, subverting the mainstream message that staying home was safest, we secured media donations and shares based on the strength of the idea. This earned media and awareness was vital for the NCDV (not-for-profit organisation).

Idea: We aimed to reach victims with D/OOH as they ‘escaped’ the house for the permitted daily exercise, or to go to the supermarket. We also knew screen usage increased 30% in lockdown, so we reached victims as they ‘escaped’ into social media too. Our 30” film took the ‘aesthetic of the moment’ - user-generated content - and flipped it on its head: revealing the darker side to a domestic situation. Ending with the message that Abusers always work from home. The strength of the idea meant a top tier director house volunteered to shoot our 30” social film script (no budget). Media providers also donated hundreds of D/OOH sites based on the strength of the idea.

Results: Increased awareness/traffic for the NCDV (no numbers, owing to sensitive work).25% increase in calls for help to the NCDV for the duration of the campaign.D/OOH: 22million impressions (donated media based on strength of the idea)Social film: Almost 1million views in just weeks due to share rates, including celebrities and journalists – unpaid. Coverage across platforms, including Stylist, The Independent and LBC Radio.We achieved earned media/reach that the NCDV could not typically afford.We let victims know that they could reach out to the NCDV for free legal advice, including legal injunctions, which are often life-saving. At the same time we further raised awareness/conversation about the unacceptable increase of domestic abuse within society.News platforms referenced our campaign when reporting about the need for greater investment to respond to the ‘Domestic Abuse Pandemic’. The UK government has since pledged £millions to help alleviate the issue of domestic abuse.

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