Un Women (ONU Mulheres) / Paulistas’ Football Federation (Federação Paulista de Futebol - FPF)
"Scoreboard For Change"

Client: Un Women (ONU Mulheres) / Paulistas’ Football Federation (Federação Paulista de Futebol - FPF)
Product: Institutional
Title: Scoreboard For Change
Media: Scoreboard broadcast during the live game on Facebook.
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: 16/nov/2019

Background: Un Women has some programs to promove equality and dignity for all women. In Brazil a country wich women receive 20% less than men, this kind of presence is really necessary to change culture male traditions and give a fair recognition to women. FPF is like FIFA in São Paulo, Brazil. The Paulistas’ Football Federation organize matches, championships and events envolving football in the state. The organization have been working to grow female events, with a real intention to promote and to grow women’s football.That’s a fact. We need generating conversations to make people know about it and talk about it. So, together as Society, we can change this reality.

Idea: We took the salary gap in the job market to the scoreboard of a big final. Wich was 1 goal equals 0.8.

Results: Record of audience on the channels of the São Paulo Football Federation: more than 745 thousand views, countless conversations on social networks and headlines in the main communication vehicles in the country. Resulting in R$650 thousand of earned media in a couple of days. Also, the players talked about the action at the championship award event, with a huge speech made by the MVP player Victória Albuquerque.Also, 6 months later, CBF has announced equal pay for men's and women's football teams.At the end of the day, we create a great aware about the salary gap in something sacred for brazilian people: the scoreboard of a footbal game. And wasn't any game. It was a final. Without spending any money.

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