Cheil Spain

"Vertical Gig"

Client: Samsung
Product: Samsung
Title: Vertical Gig
Media: Experience mobile
Country: Spain - Uk
Date Of Campaign: September 2019

Background: 94% of smartphone users record events with their devices held vertically, and 79% find vertical videos the most interesting. This is mainly because young people want to share those experiences in the star format of social networks: Stories. That's why it occurred to us: why not do something that fits into a story?

Idea: Samsung was inaugurating a new centre in King’s Cross designed to experience a lifestyle connected through different technological experiences and needed an opening event surpassing the physical barrier to connect with the younger audience.

Results: So we created the first vertical stage in history for the grand opening of the Samsung KX centre. We designed a three-storey stage more than nine metres high, thus making it possible for all gig elements to fit into a story. Vertical Gig, a stage in 9:16 format that perfectly fits the audio-visual one preferred by the younger generations: Stories. The whole audience agreed it was a first-of-its-kind experience, committed to innovation, digital culture and most importantly for them, made for sharing.

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