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Mondelez Australia
"Saving Freddo"

Client: Mondelez Australia
Product: Cadbury Freddo
Title: Saving Freddo
Media: Digital
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: March 2020

Background: Situation: Australia was recently ranked the #4 worst country in the world for animal extinctions, a huge blow for a country with such pride in its unique and diverse wildlife. Frogs are the first to suffer the consequences of any kind of climate change, disappearing faster than almost any other animal on the planet. Brief: Freddo Frog is one of Cadbury’s most loved products. But while he’s becoming more popular than ever, his fellow frogs are facing a crisis unlike any other. We believe Cadbury’s Freddo could use his incredible popularity amongst Australian families to help save our frogs facing mass extinction. Objectives: Bring awareness to the plight of Australia and New Zealand’s endangered frogs and help generate immediate action. With appropriate plans of action in place, scientists believe all nine species of endangered frogs can be saved and Cadbury’s Freddo can be part of this amazing effort.

Idea: For more than 70 years, Freddo Frog has been Australia’s most famous frog. And for the first time in history, our most iconic frog disappeared from its pride of place on-pack. To bring attention to the plight of endangered frogs everywhere, Freddo was replaced with each of the 8 endangered species of frogs across Australia and New Zealand.With ‘Saving Freddo’, it was critical we not only created awareness of the problem, but also educated and inspired our audience about the plight of our endangered frogs.Every new-look Cadbury Freddo had an educational augmented reality experience built in, making our frogs to literally hop off the packaging, while popular Animal Planet Australia TV personality Dr. Katrina Warren taught the user all the interesting facts about them.The AR experience directed users to our website, where they could learn even more about our frogs, and most importantly, how else they could help.

Results: +16.5 Million unique impressions. +160 National and International media and news coverage. +$1 Million in earned PR/Media value.+$2 Million raised for frog conservation.Freddo Brand Metrics• Increase in Ad Awareness (+13). Above average vs. AUS CPG social campaigns • The creative drove emotional affinity above norms at 69.69 vs. average AUS CPG at 63• Increased brand awareness (+2), Buy Regularly (+2) and Buy Most Often (+1) equity metrics. • Changed perceptions of Freddo as a brand behaving responsibly to the environment. significantly above norms amongst users (3.32 vs. 2.75 average). The third and final part of the campaign was the most important: actually, saving the frogs.Using funds from Freddo sales as well as Cadbury’s own financial contribution, Cadbury has raised more than $2 Million AUD to set up a three-year conservation plan with partners, Zoos Victoria, Tooronga Zoo Sydney and Conservation Volunteers AUNZ. This includes habitat restoration and animal protection projects, as well as the construction of a dedicated frog breeding bunker at Healesville Sanctuary.

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