"Hunger Cast"

Client: Mars
Product: Snickers
Title: Hunger Cast
Media: Social Media & OOH
Country: Brasil
Date Of Campaign: Sep 2nd, to October 14th, 2020

Background: Instagram filters are here to stay. And with them, an opportunity to show consumers how they get when they're hungry. And if any consumer could become visibly hungry, why not use them all as the faces of our campaign? After all, it's a lot more... budget-friendly than hiring celebrities.

Idea: We used Instagram filters to show consumers what happens to them when they're hungry. They could choose from a number of filters, each representing the "symptoms" on the packaging. As they posted with the filter, each consumer would be automatically promoting our campaign. And whoever posted and tagged Snickers. Instagram account became the face of the brand during the campaign.

Results: The campaign's numbers were astonishing: 497,000,000impressions, a 10% increase in sales, and 911,928 shares with the filters. And there's one more thing: each post with the filter was effectively a Snickers ad, with our logo and our slogan. In other words, the campaign got over 900,000 free adsin consumers' stories.

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