"Street It All"

Client: Zalando
Product: Zalando
Title: Street It All
Media: Online / Out Of Home
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 15.02.2021

Background: Streetwear was born and lives in the streets, a movement that has become one of the main world’s fashion inspirations. A casual style linked to certain cultures and groups that has make its way to luxury brands. In this context, Zalando needed to showcase its newest Streetwear collection with a clear link to the streets and the different related urban cultures. Besides of being surrounded by an increasing digital environment, that affects communications and social media specially among young targets – a clear consequence of the pandemic. The campaign needed to go live when the e-commerce was experiencing an unprecedented boom, something we had to take advantage of. The objectives were to showcase Zalando as a streetwear curator and main e-commerce platform for purchasing this category. Increase brand’s notoriety among akin media target with a bold communication strategy. Capitalize new digital opportunities and generate awareness among specialized media and social channels.

Idea: Streetwear it´s more than fashion: it´s an attitude. Young public are in love with the streetwear. They live the street. It inspires them to express themselves. So, Zalando thought that the best way to reach them was to speak their language. Zalando teamed up with Google launched "Street it all". The first shoppable fashion look book on Google Street View. That place where our target can also be found. A fashion shooting produced in 360º, on Spain’s ‘Streetest’ streets. Instead of using standard models, we collaborated with the most relevant content creators in street culture. In our interactive OOH, people could scan a QR code, discover the outfits in Google Street View and buy them in site. With Google technology, we transformed a tool like Google Street View into an innovative e-commerce with Zalando as the protagonist. Zalando and Google put Streetwear where it belongs: the street.

Results: The lookbook located in Google Maps through Google Street View collected + 96.002 views in just two weeks. Outstanding data for such a short period. In terms of media coverage, we obtained +26 publications among key relevant international and local titles for the target such as Glamour, GQ, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Highxtar, NEO2 and specialized media such as Reason Why, Marketing Directo or Business Insider with a potential reach of 15.4 M contacts and AVE total of 603K €. For social content, we gathered +377 publications through our crew of 28 talents with over 3.522.283 impressions and 10.001 swipe-ups. The campaign had an overall 7,34% engagement rate showing a great and positive response to the several contents. QR scans figures were +12.595 through the several OOH formats. *Due Zalando’s global website sets and URL they can’t access to data such as sales impact, traffic, conversion etc.

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