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"Washing our hands of 2020"

Client: Truform Media Group
Product: Truform Media Group
Title: Washing our hands of 2020
Media: Holiday Card
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: December 2020

Background: In late 2020, it was impossible to celebrate the holiday season in person with clients. However, Truform Media Group wanted to connect with clients, acknowledge the year that we'd all been through and bringing little lightness and joy to the season. The budget to reach 150 clients in the United States and Canada was $2,000 USD.

Idea: As the year’s end approached, people felt anything but festive. It wasn't possible to celebrate with clients in-person, but Truform wanted to share a little joy — from a safe distance.Instead of trying to distract from a dreadful 2020, Truform would help clients wash their hands of the year with a series of dissolving soap sheets. Each sheet featured a different mundane misery from the year, such as marathon Zoom meetings, DIY haircuts or perpetual pivoting. Just choose a sheet and add water to lather up and see your 2020 troubles wash down the drain.Soap sheet manufacturers advised that it was impossible to produce printed soap sheets. So the creative team looked into how soap sheets are made. The team prototyped a proof-of-concept at home, then worked closely with the printer to produce a new custom-message soap sheet product.

Results: It was the first holiday card sent by Truform Media Group since its inception, and it was very well received. While the piece was not intended to drive response, it did so anyway. Several clients reached out to compliment Truform on the inventiveness and creativity of the piece. As a media agency newly introducing creative services, this demonstrated that we hit our sweet spot.In addition to the card, we developed a video to be shared on social media. This extended reach of the piece to 10 times that of the originally intended audience.

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