Wunderman Thompson Thailand

"The Everyday Sponsorships"

Client: Heineken
Product: Heineken 0.0
Title: The Everyday Sponsorships
Media: Activation
Country: Thailand
Date Of Campaign: Jul 23 2019

Background: People can be quite skeptical about 0% alcohol beers, even more so in Thailand where it’s still a fairly new concept. But since Heineken 0.0 does feel like the real thing, before anything, we needed to get people to try it.

Idea: As the official sponsors of the world’s biggest events, Heineken wouldn’t settle with just a regular sampling activation. Instead, we officially sponsored people’s everyday non-beer occasions anywhere and anytime. They made their requests on social media and we speeded up to deliver their customised sponsorship packs with perfectly chilled cans of Heineken 0.0.

Results: We received more than 1,500 sponsorship requests, with over 20,000 people attending the officially sponsored events. 80,000 cans were delivered. The campaign had a total 96 million impressions. In just 3 months, Heineken has sold 3.8 million cans (82% of the full year KPI), bringing Heineken 0.0 into people’s daily lives and their most ordinary moments.

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