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Unilever, Lux
"Lux Search Words - #IntoTheSpotlight"

Client: Unilever, Lux
Product: Lux - Bodywash
Title: Lux Search Words - #IntoTheSpotlight
Media: Online
Country: Saudi Arabia
Date Of Campaign: 08/03/2019 - 30/04/2019

Background: In Saudi Arabia, the beauty category is a highly contested and crowded space. Lux, a several decade old soap brand was losing relevance with the woman. To gain her attention and win back her love, we needed to change our conversation. From just being another beauty product, to showcasing her beauty that lies in her talents and abilities. We needed to find a real gap in her everyday life. Women's rights in Saudi Arabia has been appalling, being ranked 141 out of 144 on 2016's Global Gender Gap Report. Societal norms and restrictions meant little or no opportunities and exposure. Many still believe that a woman's primary role lies as a home maker and in fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother. Our objective was clear: Increase engagement with such women and give them an opportunity and platform to showcase their abilities.

Idea: For too long, women have been kept in the shadows and veiled; both literally and metaphorically. It was time to highlight the talents and capabilities of women in the professional word, starting with women in male-dominated professional industries. The creative idea 'Into the Spotlight' was conceived to bring women out of the shadows and giving them an opportunity to shine in the professional lives. Using Google Adwords via a digital activation, Lux pushed female professionals to the very top of search results. This gave them the desired exposure and opportunity they deserved, every time someone searched for professionals in Saudi Arabia.

Results: Finding an authentic wat to put women into the spotlight helped put Lux into the spotlight like never before. OBJECTIVE 1: Increase Brand Equity by 100BPS RESULTS: Overall Brand equity increased from 25.38% (Q1 ’18) to 28.25% (Q1 ’19), an increase of +287 BPS. This score was the highest Equity score for Lux in the past 9 quarters and significantly higher than target of +100BPS OBJECTIVE 2: Increase Brand Relevance by 100BPS RESULTS: Lux reached its highest relevance score in the last 9 quarters, +200BPS over Q1 ’18 OBJECTIVE 3: Increase brand engagement - We achieved 1.25 times higher CTRs compared to the average brand CTR at more than 50% lower Average CPC. - During the campaign we landed all users to specific women profiles on the co-owned Website of Unilever and VICE –MIRAA.me, the website traffic increased by 125% from the average daily views. - LUX brand website received almost 10% more website visitors at the time of the campaign compared to the prior month data. LUX brand Facebook page has 12% higher reach with 3 times more Page Views in the month of the campaign ‘March’ compared to the prior month. The proof of the pudding in putting such talented women in the spotlight was the rise of queries for their professional services, receiving 15-20% more inquiries than usual

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