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Four Seasons Condoms
"Generation Intervention"

Client: Four Seasons Condoms
Product: Four Seasons Condoms
Title: Generation Intervention
Media: Integrated
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 20 Jan, 2020 – 14 Feb, 2020

Background: Australia is in the midst of a sex recession. Young Australians are having 50% less sex than previous generations. Societal pressures, tech use and mental health issues are up, and libidos are down. Not great news for the Four Seasons condom brand. To curb the threat to their sales, we were tasked with finding an authentic way to engage a notoriously unengaged target market and encourage them to get back in the sack.The objective was to educate the public on the topical problem young adults are facing and raise brand awareness by helping to reverse the problem.

Idea: So, how do we get 18-24-year-olds back in the sack? We don’t. We have the generation that’s had far more sex than them do it for us…Parents. We encouraged parents to have a more progressive chat with their children - ‘The Talk 2.0’. A check-in to discuss the importance of a healthy, happy sex life for a healthy, happy mind. We armed parents with educational packs that included a range of Four Seasons products to gift their adult children. Collaborating with a sexologist, it also contained an instructional guide and conversation starter cards to spark a genuine dialogue between generations. To kickstart interventions everywhere, we engaged the parents of influencers, and had them infiltrate their adult children’s social channels, surprising their kids with ‘The Talk 2.0’ while they streamed. Street posters, social posts and an advice hotline operated by real parents directed parents to get their free Generation Intervention Pack online. By normalising a taboo topic and facilitating a meaningful dialogue between two generations, we turned awkward conversations into a national conversation for the benefit of young people’s physical, mental and sexual health.

Results: The campaign achieved 195 media coverage clips generating 58.2M impressions and 100% positive sentiment.In the month the campaign launched, there was an encouraging 14% increase in sales on the year average and an increase in their market share of 7%. At the time of writing, Four Seasons had maintained this sales growth months after the launch.The ongoing success of the campaign will be measured against the long-term metrics set in place by Four Seasons Condoms.

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