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"Protest Stamps"

Client: Correos
Product: Correos (Spanish mail service)
Title: Protest Stamps
Media: Direct marketing
Country: España
Date Of Campaign: November 2019

Background: In December of 2019, Madrid hosted the International Climate Change Summit. Coinciding with the event, Correos, the Spanish mail service, wanted to help broadcast the message of climate change responsibility and awareness.

Idea: If there is anything that travels around the world, it is stamps.This is how "Protest Stamps" were born, a legal tender collection that, instead of featuring the usual institutional commemorations, conveyed the indignation and shouts for a future of a whole generation. Ten real messages on placards seen at anti-climate change demonstrations around the world were transferred to thousands of stamps now travelling all over the planet. Some of the chosen messages were: “There is No Planet B”, “Save Earth” or “Act Now or Swim Later”.Since the day of the Summit's inauguration, “Protest Stamps” have been on sale at both and at Correos offices throughout Spain, including the facilities in front of the Climate Summit's headquarters.

Results: - In the media the campaign appeared more than 60 times, with the action grabbing headlines and being covered by some of the country's main newspapers: El País, ABC, El Español, etc.- The initiative reached more than 2 million users.- On social media very positive reactions were generated: 9.62/10- As for sales, as soon as the stamps went on sale the 8000 units sold out.

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