Client: Volkswagen
Product: Institutional
Title: Life
Media: YT, Facebook
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: April, 30th, 2019

Background: Volkswagen has been in Brazil since the 60’s, and it has produced many iconic models during its life in the country. But during that time, customers also stopped worrying about something Volkswagen has always been concerned about: safety. So our challenge was to talk about safety in a modern way, showing this historic brand’s dedication to people. Something that other car brands weren’t doing. In Brazil, Volkswagen is the car brand with the highest number of 5-star models on the LatinNCAP safety tests.

Idea: We decided to tell a story only our brand could tell. Since Volkswagen has been in Brazil for so many years, we decided to create a story that would go cover all these years, through to today. We created a film telling a fictional story of a girl who is born in a Volkswagen in the 70’s and reborn in a Volkswagen, when her brand-new T-Cross helps her avoid a fatal accident. Volkswagen is the only brand that could tell this story – because of its time in the country, because of its Volkswagen Bus, and because it has technology that other car brands don’t use.. Then we brought this fictional story to life, showing real people with real “reborn stories” inside a Volkswagen.

Results: With this bold campaign, we put “safety” back on car consumers’ radar while searching for a new car. Without talking about our competitors, we raised awareness about the 5 LatinNCAP stars our cars have in Brazil. What’s more, we used our own brand’s history to talk about these issues, reconnecting old and new consumers alike with the brand.

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