Getty Images
"COMA – A GettyImages Original Series"

Client: Getty Images
Product: Getty Images
Title: COMA – A GettyImages Original Series
Media: YT, Facebook, Website
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: April, 30th, 2019

Background: Every year, Getty Images creates a global campaign to communicate its differentials as animage bank. But the material has to be more than just a commercial, because it’ll be used throughout the year by the brand’s salespeople when they visit clients. That’s why it has tobe both interesting and surprising.

Idea: Taking advantage of the fact that people are addicted to watching series nowadays, we created an original three-episode miniseries using only content from the Getty Images collection, plus an immersive site where users could explore the topic in depth.

Results: The series got consumers’ attention, keeping up the brand’s image on the market for one more year. It’s already being used as a calling-card by Getty Images’ salespeople.

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