Colenso BBDO

Bank of New Zealand
"Checkout Checkpoint"

Client: Bank of New Zealand
Product: Bank of New Zealand
Title: Checkout Checkpoint
Media: -
Country: New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: 29.11.2019-08.12.2019

Background: Bank of New Zealand’s mission is to help all New Zealanders, be good with money. Especially when they’re at their most vulnerable - like when it comes to late night online shopping. In fact, drunk shopping is a billion dollar industry.This is a waste of New Zealander’s hard-earned money, and an opportunity for BNZ to help them take pause before making a purchase they might not need.

Idea: We created ‘Checkout Checkpoint.’ It’s the online shopping version of a sobriety test. A series of fun mental and motor-skill tests that interrupted a potentially impaired path to purchase. Each game used the phone’s native gyro, haptic feedback and interactive touch functions. They were embedded into time-based ads that interrupted late night online shoppers to ensure they were fit to buy-now.

Results: Shoppers spent over 2 mins playing our ads. 64% of them failed our tests, which potentially stopped over 6000 #shoppingfails in one week.

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