"True VW"

Client: Volkswagen
Product: T-Cross
Title: True VW
Media: Website banners
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: April, 29th, 2019

Background: Volkswagen was launching its new SUV in the market. They had made a big TV campaign, but there was still a tactical part left, that would attract consumers more feature-oriented. Our objective was to bring these consumers to the T-Cross website.

Idea: The first thing we thought was that we needed to talk to consumers that care about car features. And the best way to do so was to advertise right before videos that talk about this subject. So reviews about our competitors were the best choice.But there are many Trueview Ads that people barely pay attention to. So – to not disrupt the consumer experience - we decided to make our messages as short as possible. And to grab the user attention, instead of making a traditional ad, we decided to play with the medium itself. Turning the elements of the video-player into the road, obstacles and even our car.

Results: It generated some very good results:Conversion to the website was 75% higher than usual TrueView ads.And Full Retention (Complete Views) was two times higher (215%) than average (TrueView ads)

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